painting desert













                                 requiem for Mozart:


                                 facing south








































                                       silent night
















Triptichon - one silence still
















                                                  Zeitraum - Dreamtime















     ancient model drawing

















violin meditation 















Peculiar violin:



When I considered to get a cap like the eagle hunters a Mongolian woman said she likekd mine.
















Violin peculiarity:




It´s said that the first instrument was built when an archer decided to use the bow to make music instead of killing each other.
















Morin chuur-




Unpredictable in progress




















Aiming for a universe


The "Ger"  (Mongolian yurt) stands for the cosmos itself.

Each area has a definite meaning and the door always faces south - 


just as the moss grows on trunks of the trees
















april the 12th - towards the morning sun...