Luciole - Fireflies




Days in nature for children.


Common aesthetic experiences in nature, producing natural colours, own forest-creations, tasting wild herbs - visit at untouched forest.


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Accordng to the imagination of Australian Aboriginals that everything was "sung to world" meanwhile so called dreamtime and this process haven´t ended yet regarding the whole world, I want to travel on foot together with my violin along the westcoast of Australia for a "betweencontinental compositon" taking place by this way time after time.



The different kind of cello, meaning a widely deep sound, the ydaki (didgeridoo) is representing with this the earth.











Unicorn Violin 



Inspired by the voice of morin chuur I go among violin makers to start with my own violin.













Morin chuur - the Mongolian horse violin:



my instrument for a picturesque music portrait of a unique nomad culture



 The centre of the project builds the so called "horse(head) violin" like it is played in Mongolia. For me the horsehead violin represents the essence of Mongolian nomad culture, the way to communicate with music and its special connection to nature. The wisdom which still lays in this way of living i want to make "audible" -  as inspiration for a general more sustainable life in our society. 

Therefor i am planing to live  about half a year with a nomad family northwestern of Ulanbator and learn to play the horse violin during may stay. Own paintings and music inspirated by old Mongolian music and developed authentically in harmony with Mongolian steppe will build the frame for concerts with other musicians in Germany.










The yurt project











Atelier arttone "takes shape" - in own construction, made of "world ash tree".